What do we understand by obesity?

We will understand obesity as a body condition where the person accumulates and stores excessive amounts of body fat. In order to determine if someone is overweight, it is necessary to calculate the body mass index, with which it is estimated if the weight of a person is in what is considered healthy. If there is obesity, there are always ways to solve it through treatment, such as the mini gastric bypass in Monterrey.

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Causes of obesity

Keep in mind that the measurement of the body mass index is not an exact calculation, in any case it is a good indicator to know if the fat is at a healthy level.

In recent years, obesity has increased in almost everyone, therefore it is necessary to pay attention to diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress and all those factors that can contribute to being overweight. One of the tools we can have been weight loss surgery in Monterrey.

With the passage of time, the way in which overweight people are referred to has changed, since we lived in a society that stigmatizes. Therefore, we do not speak of an obese person, but of someone with obesity, the same happens with the word morbid obesity, which is being tried not to use, since by using this term, it already makes people feel judged and despised.

Obesity can be caused by different factors that can be genetic, nutritional, emotional, environmental. The vast majority of those who are overweight are due to the fact that they maintain an unbalanced food intake, at the same time, their caloric expenditure is not in coherence with their diet. That is, your calorie intake is too much, since you do not burn them, because you tend to be sedentary. If there is no control of this situation then it is normal for weight gain to occur, causing obesity.

Health complications due to obesity

It is necessary to pay attention to obesity, since if it is not controlled it can lead to health problems. The severely overweight person has a high-risk factor for heart-related conditions, since excess body fat puts pressure on the heart and has to work harder to circulate blood. Also, it is common for them to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Another common disease is type 2 diabetes, excess weight makes cells more resistant to a hormone called insulin. This causes high blood sugar levels resulting in type II diabetes. Likewise, an overweight person may have cancer of the colon and rectum, breast, esophagus, kidney, thyroid, pancreas, liver and other organs. Other conditions can be sterility, osteoarthritis, heartburn, sleep problems, and others.

What solutions are there for obesity?

The gastric bypass operation Mexico and in general the one known as bariatric operation, is considered one of the most effective alternatives to help fight obesity. These procedures involve changing the anatomy of the stomach, intestines, or both to change the way food is digested.

One of the procedures is the gastric band, where the stomach is reduced so that the amount that is ingested is less. Likewise, the hormones that regulate appetite are also affected, that is, patients no longer feel as hungry as they did before undergo the operation. The weight people lose is gradual, but sure. Either way, the person needs to commit to change.

Finally, gastric bypass is also another of the effective procedures against obesity, the objective is that the body cannot consume as much food as before, also that it does not absorb as many calories.

On the contrary, avoid the consumption of medication to counteract obesity, but if you decide this way, you should do it under the guidance of a professional, he has the knowledge to prescribe the appropriate medication according to your need. It is very important that, whatever path you take to lose weight, you must have a nutritional guide and accompany it with exercise routines.

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