Protect your business with a quality roll closure

When we have a business or physical store, one of the most worrying issues is security. Precisely when it comes to installing the enclosures that will give you greater security, there are roll-up closures.

Roller closures are, as their name implies, a type of enclosure that consists of a curtain that is rolled up on itself to close. They are generally made of a resistant material that gives them great security and durability when choosing a door of this type for businesses and homes.


Does not take up space

A roll-up closure allows the space in the business to be used much more optimally. By rolling up on itself, they are not taking away any useful space from the premises, allowing to take advantage of every last centimeter of the available space.

They are safer

A quality roll-up closure allows greater security to the premises, they are usually installations of robust materials that are very useful to preserve the safety of businesses.

Ease of installation

A roll-top closure is extremely easy to install. It does not require complicated requirements and its installation can be done in a short period of time. A professional service to install a roll closure will be able to recommend the best option given the physical conditions of the premises and the needs of the business and install it quickly, ask us.

They have a high aesthetic

According to the different aesthetic needs of businesses, there are options on the market that are perfectly adapted to each one. From simple metal curtains to much more elegant roller shutters are available. There are also roll-up closure options that adapt to both urban environments and other much more industrial, rural or manufacturing environments. The point is to choose the option that gives the most harmony to the business.

They are very comfortable

Roller closures can be automated. In fact, automation is usually required by the vast majority of those who opt for this option. An automatic roller closure will be perfect to give a great comfort to the business in terms of opening and closing it: by pressing a button it can be opened and closed without any problem.

They are silent

Among the advantages of rolling shutters is that they are silent systems. The noise they generate both when opening and closing is usually minimal, so it will not be possible to disturb the neighbors in any way, generating annoying noises.

Made to measure

A roll closure can be made to measure. This has the great advantage that all the space can be used, since the closure will be designed according to the needs that exist in the environment in which the closure is to be installed.

Different levels of vision

If you have a showcase or showcase that you want to keep looking despite being closed, but you also want to have great security, you can opt for a roll-up closure made of micro-perforated material. This option allows you to continue seeing what the display case contains even though the premises are closed.

Smooth opening and closing maneuvers

Roller closures, which are also automated, have a system that protects them from breakage and wear. By being automated, roll closures allow them to open and close smoothly and with much greater ease and fluidity.

With technology at your service

A roll up closure system can have a number of functions that can go a long way towards things like safety, comfort and aesthetics. The most modern of the automated roll closure systems include certain features such as electromechanical brakes, silent movements and practical and fast connections.

They may also have more complex electronic systems such as command centers, radio receivers and other devices that make them safer. Even the most modern systems have smart functions that are capable of learning different things.

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