Ideas And Details to Decorate Your Workspace

If we think about it, the office or the study is the place where we usually spend most of the day, whether you work in a company or at home. We must always be in this space to fulfill our tasks and responsibilities, therefore, this site should be a pleasant place, where we feel comfortable and where we make the hours, we spend working much more bearable and, if possible, pleasant.

For that, we think that if this is a harmoniously decorated space, you will never have to feel that it is a nightmare to leave your bed to go to work. Take some of these ideas as inspiration and radically change your office, to make it a place you will always want to return to.


In general, we tend to have so many activities in the day that it is inevitable to overlook certain things, such as making that important call, buying what is missing for dinner or finishing scheduling the pending appointment, therefore, we present this idea, which Not only is it creative, it also adds a unique and modern decoration, while being very useful.

It is about including a blackboard in the office, yes, it turns an entire wall into a blackboard and you will never have to spend hours looking for that paper where you wrote down the earrings. Making it a reality is easier than you thought, you just have to go to the store and buy this specialized paint, apply a few layers on the wall you want, it can also be only in one section and that’s it, get ready to have everything written down and in a giant.


We know that not all of us are so lucky to have the beach in front of work, but that does not mean that you should miss it so much, as they say, if you don’t go to the beach, let the beach come to you. It includes tropical elements such as this painting with palm leaves, a wicker chair, typical of the tropics and any other element that you think can transport you to this place, even mentally, Ahh! Making a pineapple smoothie helps, if you imagine it’s a piña colada.


Again, the key to a good worker is organization, without that we are lost, some are perfect for scheduling their life and chores on their cell phone or tablet, but others prefer to take note of everything. If you belong to this second group, surely you will also have thousands of sheets and calendars with millions of annotations, but that is over, now you can make a giant calendar on the wall and in each one go hanging with small hooks the paper that corresponds to each day of the month, good idea, right?


Does it happen to you that you arrive at the office and your desk is so messy that you can’t even get a pencil? Now it will be a thing of the past, with this idea that we will see below. This is the perfect desk organizer, where you have space to put everything, no excuses for clutter. It is the simplest thing in the world, a simple wooden platform, with various compartments for the computer, the agenda, the pencils, the cell phone, the controls and even for you to place beautiful accessories, a marvel!


Lighting is essential when working, especially if you dedicate yourself to an artistic branch such as painting, drawing or design, or also to things such as architecture, where it is essential to have a very good light to work. In addition, it is proven that when you have a better work environment, where you feel comfortable and happy, you are a much more proactive person, so always try to have natural light, we know that sometimes this is something you cannot control, but in that If so, get enough artificial light.

If, on the other hand, you work from home, look for the best room, with a large window or balcony and if possible, with a nice view, this will motivate you to work.


If you have a work team, always try to keep them motivated, how? It is very simple, let’s leave behind the prototype of offices where we are robots that simply press a key and occupy a chair, let’s be people, share moments of relaxation, create an area recreation, fear free time to have fun, something as simple as sharing a motivational phrase. We know that not every day is good, and if with that phrase we manage to change someone’s mood, the day’s work is done.


Hey! read the title well, only the office on Sundays, or on weekends failing that, only when it is very necessary to finish that work. If you have to work a swear day off or a holiday, then let it be with pleasure, occupy the sofa with a super comfortable pillow and blanket, wrap yourself in it, just like a Mexican burrito, and start working on the laptop, when you finish you can enjoy of a marathon of your favorite series, did you like this one?

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