Ceramic, an ideal treatment for our vehicles

Maintaining our vehicle as new is one of the great goals that those of us who are passionate about cars have, but although there are many challenges in this regard, one of the most complicated without a doubt is to keep the bodywork free of holograms, micro scratched, or just shiny like when it came out of the dealership; unfortunately, external factors such as contamination (biological and / or chemical, discussed in another of our articles), some of the shampoos used to wash our cars, cleaning with contaminated towels, etc.; They make our car look dull, rough, without depth in shine, or we notice scratches and holograms that make it look ugly and therefore depreciate.

Currently, there is a technique that is beginning to be discussed with more and more knowledge, which allows us to protect the bodywork of our vehicles, minimizing the circumstances described above.

The Coating or ceramic treatment, offers certain benefits in the care and maintenance of the aesthetics of the vehicle. Ideal for those new vehicles that want to lengthen, protect and improve the visual finish of the body, or for those used that want to completely renew the physical appearance of the body, giving it shine and protection.

The ceramic treatment or Ceramic Coating is a technique that is responsible for providing protection to the external paint of the car, as well as other elements, such as plastics, glass, and even leather. Said treatment consists of the previous preparation of the bodywork (decontaminated and porcelainized) and subsequent application of a sealant product that gives the vehicle paint greater protection due to its extraordinary hardness.

Ceramic treatments are coatings for vehicle paint based on chemical elements such as Silica, Titanium and Quartz. These offer greater shine and protection, they are formulated mainly to protect the varnish of the vehicles against the external factors, by means of a repellency and resistance action; that help to keep the vehicle paint as fresh from the dealer (or better in many cases) with a higher degree of gloss thus achieving an excellent finish.

Provides protection against contaminants such as bird droppings, tree sap, rain, and UV rays. The Degree of Protection can vary according to the sealant, since they all offer different degrees of gloss, hardness and protection.

We can say that the function of ceramic is to “sacrifice” instead of varnish, to protect the paint and to maintain its shine.

The duration of the treatments can vary, but the average is from 2 to 4 years, depending on the type of treatment that is applied, and the maintenance and care that the owner of the car provides.

Not all products have the same degree of hardness, but at Vapor auto Detailing Experts we have chosen to offer our customers the best brands in 9H hardness (which is the maximum available), at the best market price. When carrying out a treatment, we provide the correct advice to our clients, indicating the washing and maintenance techniques every two months to be able to maintain the shine, the depth of the color of the vehicle, and its hardness.

Benefits of Ceramic Treatments

Smoother surface

The benefits of this type of product are remarkable from the first moment they are applied. The coating is responsible for protecting the layer of varnish that is normally the one that is exposed, (acting as an overcoat) leaving it soft and completely smooth to the touch. In this way, it prevents contamination from embedded in the pores, allowing your vehicle to remain free of chemical or organic contamination. (Many of our clients do not understand how the car can be contaminated, so I recommend reading our article “A hidden enemy of our vehicles”

More shine

The shine offered by the paint treatment is instantaneous, it is noticeable from the first moment of application, it allows a greater depth of color and improves after the first 24 hours after application. Another of its strengths is that of being hydrophobic, it repels the effects of water and mud, allowing them to slide, thus avoiding the corrosion of the different parts of the car and maintaining the external cleanliness for longer.

I finish resistant against external agents

The ceramic treatments offer a highly resistant finish against UV rays and high temperatures. The elements used in the ceramic treatments act as a kind of thermal barrier, in addition to the UV protection that prevents the sun from deteriorating the varnish that covers the paint, thus avoiding de-pigmentation, its high resistance offers greater protection against micro scratches and holograms, not to mention their resistance to temperature (in some cases 300 degrees C)

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