Event Planning and COVID-19: Questions and Answers

If in this time of COVID – 19 pandemic you want that the local communities, attendees and staff should remain safe at a community event then you need to prepare an emergency plan for it. You can include a number of things in your plan:

  • Asking sick attendees and staff not to come to the event.
  • Making policies of refunding money back to the participants.
  • For preventing the germs from spreading, provide necessary things to the staff and the attendees.
  • For your event consult health officials that are present locally.

Now I am going to tell you some questions and answers for event planning during COVID – 19.

1. What number of people can take part in the community event, concert, sporting event or conference?

For limiting the contact among the people, there are a number of things that the event organizers have to consider. The number of attendees attending the occasion has not been fixed by the CDC. However, by collaborating with health officials that are present locally the appropriate number has to be determined by the organizers of the occasion. If there is a limit on the number of participants attending the occasion as per the rules of the city, country or state then the event organizers also need to check this.

A 6 feet distance between all the selected participants is also necessary. The staff and the attendees should not remain in contact with each other and the event organizers need to give a lot of consideration to this instead of considering the ideal number of attendees. COVID-19 can easily spread if there is close interaction among the participants for a longer duration. As compared to the outdoors a proper ventilation is not present inside a room or a hall and maintaining a 6 feet distance between the people is not so easy indoors. So, we can say that it is full of risks to host an occasion indoors.

2. For keeping the participants of the events 6 feet away from each other what has been recommended by CDC?

For maintaining this distance several strategies have been recommended by CDC:

  • In bigger rooms host events of smaller size or maintain distance by limiting seating capacity or attendance.
  • For maintaining a distance of 6 feet the seating rows need to be blocked.
  • The waiting areas that are crowded need to be discouraged and the number of exits and entrances need to be more.
  • Use chalk marks to provide signs to the attendees so that after seeing these they can maintain a 6 feet distance and queues and lines need to be eliminated.
  • For maintaining social distancing, give priority to outdoor activities.
  •  For reducing the attendees count the options of online attendance need to be offered.
  • At a time, the restroom needs to be occupied by a limited number of participants only.
  •  Close to the restroom the crowds or lines need not be allowed. For maintaining a 6 feet distance between the people the necessary steps have to be taken.

3. Is it necessary that prior to entering an event a COVID – 19 test of the staff and the attendees needs to be performed?

Prior to entering an event the staff and the attendees need not be tested for COVID – 19 and this type of testing has not been recommended by CDC. No systematic study has been performed to test all the participants prior to their entry into the venue. What will be the value of disinfection, cleaning, hand washing, face coverings and social distancing when simply by testing before the entry in the venue the protection against the coronavirus can be ensured.

Checking the symptoms and the temperature has been recommended by the CDC.

4. Is covering the face of the attendees recommended by the CDC?

In public gatherings wearing a face mask is necessary and it has been recommended by the CDC. At the occasion, the participants are required to wear face masks and organizers have to take its responsibility as per the recommendation of the CDC. But the face mask need not be used for:

  • 2-year-old or younger babies
  • The people with the breathing problems

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